The Planning & Zoning Commission of Riverdale will be holding a public hearing and convening a meeting to review, consider and take action regarding their recommendation to the City Council as to whether or not the final plat for Phase 1 of Woods Estates of Riverdale should be approved for sub-division. 

Below, you’ll find links to documents sent to the commissioners for their review. More documents will be added as they become available.

•  Approval of Subdivision Plat by the County Auditor 
•  Assessment Waiver 
•  Certificate of Attorney 
•  Certificate of County Treasurer 
•  Certificate of Owner – Ingleby 
•  Certificate of Owner – Woods 
•  Engineering Drawings 
•  Hold Harmless Agreement 
•  Surveyor’s Certificate

The public hearing is scheduled for 7pm on Wednesday, December 18th in the Community Room at City Hall.