(Updated 11-26-19) Following the publication of this original story, Riverdale’s Planning & Zoning Commission Chair, Bill Briesch, contacted the mayor to make note of the fact the commission had held no meetings in 2019, so the request for an extension was on a plat that had long-since expired. 

Records show the preliminary plat submitted by the developer (Woods Development) was approved by the Riverdale City Council in July of 2018, meaning the six-month window of opportunity to get the final plat approved had closed. This information was shared with the developer and P&Z Administrator (Tim Long, City Administrator) who are now investigating options and the proper way to move forward with review and subsequent approval of plans and plats so the Woods Estates of Riverdale subdivision can proceed.

(Original Story 11-25-19) In a letter dated November 20, 2019, attorney Jay Sommers asked the City of Riverdale to extend the period allowed for the approved preliminary plat of Phase 1 of the Woods Estates of Riverdale subdivision to be considered. The preliminary plat was originally approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council in late May of this year.

Mr. Sommers states that the regular time limit on the approved, preliminary plat is six months, but an extension can be requests. The letter sent to the City constitutes such a request.

The letter continues:

“Accordingly, pursuant to Sec. 25.07 of the City’s Subdivision Ordinance, please consider this letter a formal request for the City Council of Riverdale to grant an extension of sixty (60) days of the initial Preliminary Plat approval of Woods Estates of Riverdale – First Addition.”

A copy of the letter can be obtained by clicking here.