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At last Tuesday’s City Council Meeting (10-22-19), the Council gave their go-ahead to City Administrator Tim Long to finalize arrangements with the City of Bettendorf for snow plowing and removal services this winter. The Bettendorf City Council is expected to review that the proposed 28-E agreement and provide their approval at their next meeting, in early November. Similarly, the board of Scott Community College is expected to review and approve a separate agreement with Riverdale to assure reimbursement for snow plowing and removal services provided by Bettendorf.

And then the weather turned.

The National Weather Service has now issued snow advisories for the next three nights (October 28, 29 and 30) and accumulations on roadways are a distinct possibility.

Based upon this information, the City of Riverdale has already been in contact with the Bettendorf Public Works department to discuss how the situation will be handled. In response, City Administrator Tim Long sent this email to the mayor and members of the City Council:

“Bettendorf’s director of public works confirmed this morning that if they are called out for snow tonight,  they will cover Riverdale under the terms of the agreement. Brian Schmidt also shared that their city Council was fully on board with this, and anticipated full approval at their next meeting.”

Similar conversations are underway at the moment with Scott Community College and we anticipate their acknowledgement of the situation and agreement to reimburse the City for their snow removal expenses if incurred this week.

Some things to keep in mind about snow and ice removal

Looking at the established snow and ice control policy for the City of Bettendorf (which will apply to Riverdale now, as well), it’s important to know the following:

1. Snow and ice control crews are called for duty by the Bettendorf Police Department when, in their opinion, streets are or will become hazardous.

2. The main objective for the plowing and salting of streets is: 1) arterial streets; 2) collectors; 3) local streets and cul-de-sacs/courts; and finally 4) alleys.

3. Once the main objectives are completed, crews will work on widening travel lanes and parking areas. The eventual objective of snow removal operations shall be bare pavement within twenty four (24) hours after the cessation of snow fall (for average storms of 4-6″).

4. The area between the curb and the lot line are generally used for snow storage. When necessary, snow accumulations will need to be pushed even further from the street edge to allow for additional storage capacity.

5. Crews will not remove snow from private driveways and access roads. Residents are prohibited from plowing or throwing snow from their driveway into city streets.

6. On streets which have mailboxes at the curb, crews shall come as close as possible to the box without damage. The remainder of the snow will be required to be removed by the property owner to insure mail deliveries. 

7. Residents are required to remove snow from around fire hydrants and to limit parking on streets until snow is pushed to the curb.

8. In the event a resident has a concern or issue about snow and ice control efforts around their home (e.g. your mailbox gets hit by a plow), please contact Riverdale’s public works/maintenance person to lodge your complaint. He will follow up with Bettendorf Public Works Department and coordinate a response. Using this email form is probably the best way to log your issue.

Once the final agreement is in place with the City of Bettendorf, we will publish a more complete outline of the agreement and guide for residents on the City’s website.