We’re encouraging residents to upload their favorite photos of the past year or two so we can use them in creating a new city calendar for 2020. We’re open to receiving any photographs you’ve snapped of you, your family and your neighbors having a good time and enjoying what it is about Riverdale that makes it the special place that it is.

Deadline for photo submissions is November 1st!

Please use the form below …

Provide a one-line description we can use as a caption (e.g. Summer Picnic with my kids at Bicentennial Park).
Upload up to five photos - if you have different pictures from different months, please share them as separate uploads.
We want to make sure we identify people correctly - any help you can provide in naming the people in the photo you submit would be most appreciated.
If there's more to this picture than you can explain in one line, tell us the story here.
If you have any questions about these permissions, please give us a call at City Hall (563-355-2511) and let us know.