(Updated 09/17/19) According to Dan Casciato, Metronet’s Government Affairs Manager for Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa, the company’s plans now call for Riverdale to receive fiber optic service by mid to late-February 2020.

(Original Story 03/12/19) The City of Riverdale held a meeting today with representatives from Metronet, a company specializing in installing/maintaining fiber optic lines to municipalities and then providing those homes with reliable, broadband service. Metronet will be providing fiber optic service to Davenport and Bettendorf – and, as a result of Riverdale’s proximity to Bettendorf, Riverdale will also be getting that service.

There is not charge to the city or its residents for the installation of the fiber optic lines. Other vendors the city had spoken to about similar services required a significant investment made by the city or its residents in order to cover the installation costs.

According to Kathy Scheller, the Business Development – External Affairs representative from Metronet, Riverdale residents will be able to access affordable, reliable service (up to 1GB) which will support their Internet, phone and television service. The costs for those services were not available at the time of the meeting, but they will be shared via the City’s website when they are known.

A tentative start date of early-to-mid August is expected with the build-out completed by the end of October.