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Members of the Riverdale City Council meet with consultant Pat Callahan Tuesday night at 7pm to discuss the details, timing and cost of conducting a search for a new Administrator/Clerk and a Deputy Clerk to work 5 days a week at City Hall with the start of the new fiscal year (in July). Council Members will be serving in the role of search and selection committee since hiring the clerk is the purview of a city’s council. Council Member Kelly Krell is the chair of the search committee.

The agenda is open to the public and will be held online using the City of Riverdale’s GoToMeeting account.

Attending the Meeting Online

To attend the meeting on Tue, May 5, 2020 (from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM), just join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smart phone by clicking on the button or this link. You can access the meeting by using the access code: 418-666-325

Not comfortable joining online? You can dial into the meeting with your phone, just call: (224) 501-3412 and use the access code (273-231-733) when prompted.

Please Note: It’s highly recommended you get the GoToMeeting app and install it on your computer before the meeting starts so you’ll be ready when we begin.

Just Click Here to download the app.


According to this agenda, prepared by the Consultant, it looks like the committee will have a full meeting:

A.  Call to order

B.  General Overview of Work Session 
     1.     City Administrator Search Process
     2.     Purpose of Work Session
     3.     Update on preliminary steps in the search process
               *City Administrator ordinance review – any changes?
               *City Administrator job description review – any changes?
               *City Council goals & objectives – need to review?
               *Development of position and community profile – gathering information

C.  Time Tables for Search Process – Subject to Council Review & Approval – Option 2 
     1.     Review the key dates for Mayor & Council
               *One on One Meetings – May 6th & 7th  
               *Council Work Session – to Review Resumes – Tuesday, June 16th – 7:00 PM
               *Skype or Zoom Interviews – Wednesday, June 24th – 5:00 PM 
               *Interview the Finalists – Saturday, July 11th – 8:00 AM
     2.     Council consensus on dates & times
     3.     Candidates will be advised of time table in position profile
     4.     Review of tentative time table for deputy city clerk position

D.  Consultant Interviews with Mayor, & City Council Members & Department Heads – May 6th & 7th – Select a Time

 E.  Citizen Involvement in Search Process
     1.     Varies from City to City
     2.     Need to consider the confidentiality of the applicants

 F.  Community & Position Profile  
     1.     Purpose of profile
     2.     General overview of content
     3.     Council consensus on content
     4.     Placement on City of Riverdale  website
     5.     Sending to potential candidates by email

G.  General Overview of Wage & Benefit Package 
     1.     Council consensus on salary range
     2.     Council consensus on benefit package parameters
     3.     Reimbursement of candidates’ expenses to travel to Riverdale for an interview

H.  Advertisement of Position 
     1.     Content of advertisement – Council approval
     2.     Publications and websites
     3.     ICMA Website 
     4.     Iowa League of Cities Website 
     5.     IAMU Website
     6.     Authorization to proceed

I.  Confidentiality of Candidates’ Information 
     1.     Confidentiality during early stages of process.
     2.     Request for Closed Session Form –Signed by Finalists 
     3.     Release of Names of Finalists to the Public – The Council’s Decision
               * Candidates’ consent to release their name to news media
               * If the names of  the finalists are  to be released – Candidates are so advised 
                 (and allowed to withdraw)
               * Consultant’s experience regarding the release of names

 J.  Consultant Updates during Search Process 
     1.     Phone calls to Mayor and City Administrator
     2.     Written reports to Mayor & City Council sent by e-mail
     3.     Welcome to contact us at anytime

K.  Screening of Candidates by Mayor & City Council Members 
     1.     Consultant reviews and ranks resumes
     2.     Cover letters & resumes made available to Mayor & Council for review
     3.     Mayor & Council members review and rank the  candidates
     4.     Composite score determines who is selected for skype or zoom interviews

L.  City Council’s Next Work Session 
     1.     Review of the position and community profile
     2.     Review and approval of advertisement

M.  Final Comments and Questions

N.  Adjourn

 Support Documentation

The packet of information provided to the search committee by the consultant, can be found here. An outline of the timeline, sample questionnaires and more can be found in a different document (click here).