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The Scott County Library’s Bookmobile will be making its next stop in Riverdale on July 2nd from 3pm to 5:45pm, and residents are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity. The Bookmobile will be at City Hall and people can browse through the collection (one person at a time, please).

According to the Scott County Library’s web page for the Bookmobile …

In June 1947, Edna Spies founded the Scott County Bookmobile to bring library service to rural children, and in 1950, the Scott County bookmobile organization became the Scott County Library System.

The bookmobile remains an important element of our outreach services and partners with elementary schools and brings library service to the residents of Scott County. 

Riverdale residents pay around $16,000 a year to the Scott County Library system which operates a branch library system in Eldridge, Blue Grass, Walcott, Park View, Durant, Princeton and other small towns in Scott County outside of the metro area.  You can check out their published schedule to find out when the bookmobile will be back to Riverdale.

With the return of the Bookmobile, Riverdale residents will be able to return books to the county library system or pick-up books they’ve pre-ordered from the library. Although entry into the mobile library won’t be possible on this trip, it is possible to check material out directly from the bookmobile while it is in our neck of the woods.

For more information, contact Catherine Zimmerman at the Scott County Library – 563-285-4794