In a memo dated, September 27, 2018, Mayor Mike Bawden asked the City’s engineering firm, MSA Professional Services, to develop a proposal for up to $650,000 in road repair and maintenance work to begin in the spring of 2019. Funds for the project(s) would come from the unspent reserves in the City’s general fund and from the City’s road use tax fund.

In the memo, the Mayor asked MSA to bring forward a proposal and timeline for a scope of work they feel would yield the “best, long-term impact for the money spent.” The Mayor asked particular attention be paid to the streets in the Havens Acres neighborhood:

“I’ll be proposing the Council consider allocating $600 – $650,000 toward those projects, with a specific ¬†interest in creating a long-term solution to the road repair issues we seem to be facing with regularity in the Havens Acres neighborhood.”

MSA was asked to make a presentation to the Council at or before its first meeting in November (11/13/18) so members could consider the recommendation and pass a resolution to begin the project in time for construction to start the following spring.

A copy of the memorandum to MSA can be found by clicking here.