The City Council began a general discussion about the nature of Riverdale’s snow removal plans and the current state of the City’s contract with the contractor handling snow removal this coming season.

It seems every winter there are complaints about speed of service, knocked down mailboxes and cost. Those complaints, in fact, may be inescapable. But this year, the City will proactively meet with the contractor and clarify its expectations of service for the coming season, document those expectations and share them with the community.

In addition to creating greater transparency and a stronger feedback loop on the quality of service, there are two other reasons this approach is warranted:

1. The City Riverdale is working out a cooperative arrangement with the City of Bettendorf to spread brine on Fenno Road Hill prior to approaching snow storms to reduce the accumulation of snow and ice on that street. That will make the hill (which crosses Valley Drive) much safer and should, in theory, cut down on the amount of snowplowing services required in that neighborhood.

2. The City is currently reviewing the work part-time employees do during a weather event to create a more structured plan for snow removal from the MRT and other city-owned/managed property. This is an effort to manage costs and to establish clear responsibilities for both City workers and the contractor.

Look for future updates on the City’s 2018-19 snow removal strategy in coming weeks and months.