At a recent Town Hall meeting, it was suggested that the City form a volunteer advisory committee to help shape the future of parks and recreational facilities in Riverdale. There are a variety of issues currently on the table involving parks and Council Member Kelly Krell is hard at work trying to help manage progress on each one – but she could use a hand.

Those issues include:

  • Identifying and replacing old playground equipment in Bicentennial Park
  • New landscaping for Volunteer Square
  • Evaluating the foliage and landscaping in all of the city’s parks
  • Discussing opportunities to better utilize the MRT which runs the length of the city
  • Addressing concerns of Havens Acres residents with regard to the MRT and reducing bike traffic through the neighborhood
  • Development of a comprehensive parks plan for the City of Riverdale
  • Dealing with invasive species threatening the city’s parks and wild places

If you’re interested in helping with the City’s parks, please click on the button below and send us a message.