In a recent email correspondence with Mayor Mike Bawden, Scott County Supervisor Ken Beck asked if there was any interest from a Riverdale resident about filling one of two open seats on the Scott County Library System Board.

“I know Riverdale has had some concerns with the library’s delivery of services to your community. There are two openings on the board, if anyone in your community is interested,” wrote Mr. Beck.

The seat is not a direct appointment the City of Riverdale can make. Those who are interested will need to complete an application and can get more information on the opportunity from Mr. Beck, the library’s director (Tricia Kane) or the current board president. The City is happy to assist in acquiring that information and making the recommendation.

If you are interested in serving on the Scott County Library Board, please let us know by calling City Hall during regular business hours (563-355-2511) or by contacting us through this website.

Interested in knowing how the Scott County Library System performed during its last fiscal year? Here’s a copy of their most recent annual report (FY 2019).

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