Promotional Flyer for the SCC “Reimagine Your Back Yard” Open House on March 4th

Scott Community College has invited Riverdale residents to participate in an open house on March 4th to help them “re-imagine” their campus. Here are the details …

Who: Community members, college students, high school coaches, grounds crew staff, athletes, college professors and staff, partner organizations, potential funders, etc.

What: Hour-long, topic-based focus groups discussions

When: Tuesday, March 3
2:30 PM (Education/Recreation) *TBD
4:00 PM Infrastructure 

Where: Room 2406 (Belmont Campus) 

Why: Develop a Scott Community College Campus Master Plan

Mission: Join recreation, education and infrastructure into a 15-year plan that focuses on sustainability and resiliency to honor our community and ecological history



Please send your name and contact information to the City for us to forward on to the school. SCC may reach out to participants directly to ensure thoughtful participation in our first workshop on campus.