At the March 10 meeting of the Riverdale City Council, Council Member Doug Littrel and resident Steve Townsend, shared their impressions of attending the master plan workshop open house held by Scott Community College.

Conversations focused on how the wooded area behind the current college campus should be developed to be “environmentally friendly” but also provide space for quiet enjoyment and learning. Participants in the workshop included SCC president, Lyn Cochran, Bi-State president Denise Bulat and others from throughout the region.

(NOTE: Riverdale residents were asked to participate in the workshop as well. SCC is located in Riverdale and the college and City have been discussing the importance of coordinating their various parks, storm water and development plans so they will compliment each other.)

Steve reported that conversations were held on a variety of topics including the development of ponds and wetlands on the site, walking trails and paths, sports activities, eliminating invasive species and establishing native prairie grasses on the site. Doug added that conversations he attended included the discussion of bike trails and mountain biking facilities.

Future meetings are planned. We’ll make sure residents know so they can participate.