The Mission of the Riverdale Fire Department

The mission of the Riverdale Fire Department is to prevent the incidence and reduce the severity of fire by changing the environment and/or human behavior, to prevent the loss of life and minimize property loss by confining and extinguishing fires, to prevent the loss of life and minimize property loss by the immediate response to and management of emergencies, and to improve the delivery of fire prevention, suppression, and emergency response through the efficient management of personnel and fiscal resources.

HazMat Response Team Goal

The goal for Hazardous Material response is to provide trained personnel and adequate to safety and effectively mitigate hazardous material incidents of a chemical, biological, or radiological nature posing a threat to life, property and the environment.

EMS Goal

The goal for Emergency Medical Services is to provide immediate first response EMS at the MT-P level including rapid defibrillation by properly trained and certified personnel. Also to provide extrication in situations of victim entrapment from vehicle accidents and confined spaces.

Constitution and By-Laws

On October 19, 2004, the Riverdale Fire Department adopted a revised constitution and by-laws governing the operation of the department. That document can be viewed by clicking on this link to the RFD Bylaws and Constitution.

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