Riverdale Fire Department

Welcome to the online home of the Riverdale (Iowa) Fire Department.

Founded in 1960, the department is staffed 100% by dedicated volunteers. Training sessions are held every Monday evening from 6:30 to 10pm. You can reach the department (for non-emergency situations) at: 563-355-2211

About the Department

We’re honored and pleased to serve the residents of Riverdale and the thousands of students and employees who spend their days in our city. The department’s mission is to provide a safe environment so they can do the work they need to do and enjoy all the city of Riverdale has to offer.

You can learn more about the department on this site or, if you’re curious what we’ve been doing lately, come visit, like and follow the Riverdale Fire Department’s page on Facebook.


Freddy and a friend teach kids about fire safety.


As of June 19, 2018, department leadership is:

Chief – Floyd Bruns (07/1975)
1st. Asst. Chief – Chris Bernard (10/2004)
2nd Asst. Chief – Brian Ballard (05/2007)
Captain – George Miller (05/1998)
Captain – Randy Bowers (10/2007)
Lieutenant – Rodney Fink (03/1998)
Lieutenant – John Claussen (03/1993)
President – Phillip Bowers (02/2003)
Vice President – Adrian Castillo (01/2016)



The station is located at:

110 Manor Drive
Riverdale, Iowa 52722

The Riverdale Fire Department’s mailing address is:

PO Box 364
Bettendorf, IA 57222

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