In a call Thursday evening with MetroNet, Mayor Mike Bawden was informed that Riverdale’s neighborhoods would be among the first in the Quad Cities to receive broadband, fiber optic service from the company when that service goes live in early March.

According to the Metronet representative for Riverdale, Theresa Lemek, the company will be turning it’s service on around March 6th, following two other neighborhoods in Bettendorf that are scheduled to have their service started the week before.

Ms. Lemek explained residents could contact her to select a service package and set an installation date. Her phone number is: 319-631-0841, or you can use the form at the bottom of this page which will automatically contact her via email.

Ms. Lemek will also attend the next Mayor’s Town Hall meeting which is scheduled to take place at 2pm on Sunday, February 23rd in the Community Room at City Hall.

Priced Competitively

According to Ms. Lemek, the prices for internet access, home phone service and cable / TV service from Metronet is priced competitively with other carriers like Mediacom. There are also special offers for pre-launch sign-ups ( not available online) and accepting paperless billing / autopay as well as contract buyout options, etc.

Internet access costs about the same as Mediacom (around $60-$65 / month) but speeds are symmetrical (upload and download speeds are the same), speeds are guaranteed and there are no data limits. Home phone service over the fiber is relatively inexpensive (around $10 / month) but is free for two years to new customers who either purchase internet or TV services with it, excluding taxes and fees. Cable / TV service is about the same cost as what is currently offered in the market by Mediacom but offers a few bonuses – whole home DVR service, fast- flip technology and stunningly sharp picture only available through fiber. Metronet also does not require bundling to receive discounts and provides all services with no contract.

To take advantage of all the possible discounts, residents need to contact Ms. Lemek and walk through the various options. She can also work with residents to schedule installation at a convenient time and date.

Contact MetroNet and Review Your Options