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Friday afternoon, the City of Riverdale was notified by the Iowa Economic Development Authority, that it had received a state grant to pay for a meal program designed to deliver freshly-cooked meals to local seniors and low-to-moderate income households during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meals will be prepared and delivered by the Duck Creek Pancake House to residents of Riverdale who sign up.

Details to be Worked Out on Monday

The Mayor will be meeting with the owners of the Duck Creek Pancake House to work through the details of the program, but prior to the application made by the City, both had agreed that the business would charge a flat rate of $15 per meal to include delivery charges. The meals are to be complete, nutritious lunches and delivered promptly to residences in Riverdale so the meals can be served hot.

Residents who are 65 years or older may receive the free meals and occupants in households earning $58,000 per year or less are also eligible.

The grant received from the State of Iowa will cover up to 500 meals.

A copy of the grant application letter can be viewed here. More details on the program will be published on the City’s website and communicated via social media later this week.

The Mayor expects the program to officially kick off on May 1.