Status report showing how many Riverdale households have completed their 2020 Census (credit: US Census Bureau)

US Census information went out to citizens across the country during the first half of March and results are pouring in via the bureau’s online portal. In Riverdale, 38% of households have already completed their census questionnaire – just a bit ahead of Iowans, on average.

But we can do better!

Census intake is scheduled to go on through the month of July. Once the census closes, counts will be compiled and the information needed to help structure everything from new Congressional District lines to allocations of road and sewer funds for the next decade will be in-hand. 

April 1st is the official “Census Day” in the United States. Please try to have your census form submitted on or before that day to make sure every resident of Riverdale is counted.

The online form is simple and easy and takes less than 15 minutes to complete.