Last week’s announcement by Republic Services that they would suspend collection of bulky waste and yard waste could not have occurred at a less opportune time for the City of Riverdale.

According to Municipal Services Manager for Republic, Matt Pivet, the decision was a corporate-wide mandate. “We have operations across the country and while we’re not dealing with safety issues here now, Republic is having to deal with COVID-19-related issues in other parts of the country.”

That’s not to say Republic and Riverdale weren’t able to work out a solution, however.

In coming days, Republic will be dropping off three, roll-off dumpsters in Riverdale for the collection of bulky waste and yard waste from Riverdale residents. It’s not as convenient as curb-side pick-up, but it’s better than no pick up at all.

Volunteer Square Park

Two dumpsters will be located in the parking lot at Volunteer Square Park (where Republic’s trucks will be able to access them to tow and replace). One dumpster will be there for two weeks to collect bulky waste – but no e-waste or appliances (more on that, later on in this article).

The second dumpster will be there to collect yard waste and will be changed periodically throughout the coming months until Republic is able to resume its curb-side service. Please note that the second dumpster is for organic materials, only. Not garbage.

Kensington Street – Havens Acres Area

In the Havens Acres neighborhood, Republic will be dropping off a dumpster at the end of Kensington Street, next to the path connecting the street to the MRT. That dumpster will be for bulky waste only – no e-waste or appliances, please. Residents can also put material used to fight the flood (i.e. sandbags, plastic, etc.) that has come into contact with water from the creek. Unlike the bulky waste dumpster in Volunteer Square Park that will be picked up in mid-April, the Havens Acres dumpster will be on-site for as long as needed to clean up after the floodwaters receed.

No e-Waste or HHM Pick-up

The Waste Commission of Scott County has suspended all collection of electronic waste (TVs, stereo equipment, computers, battery-powered devices) until the COVID-19 outbreak has passed. They have also suspended the collection of household hazardous materials (solvents, cleaning supplies, oil-based paints). When the Commission starts collecting these materials again, we will let you know.

How to Dispose of Appliances

The bulky waste dumpsters are not for the collection of appliances. Instead, the City will be collecting appliances from residents on Friday, May 1. If you have appliances you would like to have hauled away on May 1, please call City Hall (563-355–2511) to be put on the list for a pick-up time or use the form below to let us know.

Please give us your email or phone number so we can contact you with questions or to discuss alternative times for pick-up.
Please give us your preferred time. We will email you a confirmation once we have a schedule of pick-ups completed (on or before April 28).