Republic Services, the contractor who collects the City’s garbage, recycling, yard waste and bulky items, presented to the City Council at its meeting on July 24th and asked the City to consider modifying and extending its current agreement.

The request was presented in the form of a contract extension on the current agreement with the City. The extension would run through May 31, 2028 and would fix set annual increases each year of approximately 3% per year.

Additionally, the contract extension proposed adding a “Recycling Processing Charge” to the City’s monthly invoice on the first of June each year. The charge would reflect changes in commodity pricing, processing rates and/or residual costs. Due to a number of factors, the market for recycled materials has dropped precipitously and making it more difficult for recyclers to remain profitable.

The Council took the proposal under advisement and intends to review the extension along with the existing contract with Republic to determine the long-term financial impact on the City and its residents. The Council will, in all likelihood, make further requests for information from Republic in order to determine what costs impact the rates the City is currently paying the contractor (rates which are among the highest in Scott County, according to both the Contractor and the Waste Commission of Scott County).

They Mayor has also offered to contact the Waste Commission and other small town mayors to allow Riverdale to compare notes on waste and recycling collection costs, processes and procedures in an effort to determine what other options may be available to the City that would result in lower costs and the same, or better, service.