There were questions raised at the Mayor’s Town Hall meeting on September 23rd concerning hunting practices in the City. Specifically, someone wanted to know if people were authorized to hunt turkeys in Riverdale.

The simple answer is “no.”

As we reported on the website a few weeks ago, the City has authorized a limited deer hunt in Riverdale to start on September 16th and run through January 12th. The vendor authorized to conduct the hunt, Kingsley Wildlife Management, was restricted to bow hunting for deer and coyote at least 100 yards from any building or occupied property.

The action taken by the City Council was noted in the approved minutes (available here on the City’s website) as follows:

The action taken by the City Council does not permit turkey hunting of any kind. In addition to that, the only person authorized to hunt deer in Riverdale is Kingsley Wildlife Management and anyone else who wants to hunt deer in Riverdale has to work through Steve Kingsley (and, if necessary, appropriate property owners).

Hunting resolutions are an annual affair in Riverdale. And, as a result, citizens with concerns or offering other ideas for consideration by the City Council are encouraged to bring them forward so they can be included in future conversations as they relate to the 2019-20 hunt which will begin sometime in September of 2019.

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  1. Linda

    I say leave the turkey alone in Riverdale!