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Public intake sessions have been scheduled to allow residents of Riverdale to provide their thoughts on how the City should spend its tax dollars during the next fiscal year. The FY2021 budget is due to be submitted to the State of Iowa by mid-March 2020.

The 2021 fiscal year (FY21) starts in July of 2020 and runs through June of 2021.

The dates for the public intake sessions are Monday, 11/18 and Monday, 12/02. The meetings are scheduled to start at 7pm and will be held in the Council Chambers.

Both meetings will follow the same, general format as our Town Hall meetings and will encourage conversation between everyone present. Notes will be taken and shared via the City’s website and for personal review at City Hall during regular business hours. No deliberation or decisions on budget matters will be conducted at these meetings.

As discussed by the City Council at its 10/22 meeting, the purpose of the meeting is …

… to gather information and input from citizens about top priorities for the coming 18-24 months. These meetings are intended to be for informational purposes only. 

The mayor will be present for both meetings and will serve as the chair to convene the meetings and moderate the conversation.