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(UPDATE: 01/06/20) The public hearing detailed below will now take place as a part of the special meeting of the Riverdale City Council scheduled for Tuesday, January 7th at 7pm. The contents of the hearing will be as explained in the original story (below), but the two meetings will be merged into one proceeding.



Woods Estates of Riverdale

(Original Story) Following a vote for a positive recommendation to the City Council by the Planning & Zoning Commission earlier this month, the phase 1 plat for the Woods Estates of Riverdale Subdivision is now moving on to the City Council for its review and consideration.

A public hearing is scheduled for 7pm on Tuesday, January 7th. At that meeting, Riverdale residents will be given a re-cap of the presentation and discussion that occurred as part of the December 18, 2019 P&Z Meeting and afforded an opportunity to provide their input on whether or not the Phase 1 plat should be accepted and ask questions related to the subdivision of the first phase of the Woods Estates Project.

Following the public hearing, the City Council will hold a special meeting to consider the acceptance of the Phase 1 plat.


Agenda and supporting documents

An agenda for the public hearing (and appropriate supporting documents) will be posted to this web page on or before Friday, January 3rd as a convenience to residents and concerned parties.

A complete set of documents for the public hearing is available for viewing at City Hall during regular office hours.