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At its meeting on Tuesday, March 24th, the Planning & Zoning Commission for the City of Riverdale gave conditional approval to the plans and drawings submitted by Developer Seth Woods for the second phase of the Woods Estates of Riverdale Subdivision. The plans and drawings, which were reviewed by Brent Morlock, an engineer with the City of Bettendorf, were in-line with what was approved with the preliminary plat submitted by Woods in 2018. Other than street name changes made to accommodate requests from Scott County EMS, there were no other significant changes.

The Final Plat of Woods Estates of Riverdale Second Addition (Phase 2)

The Commission did express some concern that a performance guarantee had not been provided with the submission at the time of their review. The City Council of Riverdale had amended the Development Agreement (with the agreement of Mr. Woods) to allow for the posting of either a performance bond or a irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of 125% of the estimated cost of the public improvements to satisfy the performance guarantee requirement. Mr. Woods’ financial institution had provided a copy of a letter of credit, but until a firm start date for the project is provided by the developer, the institution could not provide a hard copy of the letter.

Mr. Woods explained that with the spring weather and the unexpected interruption resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, he was holding off for a little bit before settling on a start date.  Mr. Morlock advised that the City of Bettendorf’s P&Z Commission usually provides approvals of plans and drawings with contingencies and Riverdale’s Commission seemed comfortable with proceeding in a similar manner.

In order to receive a full recommendation by the Commission, Mr. Woods will need to determine a start date for Phase 2 of the subdivision and secure the Letter of Credit. Mayor Bawden, who attended the virtual meeting as well, stated that his impression was that the City Council would not take up formal approval fo the final plat until the Letter of Credit was complete, in-hand and securely files. Mr. Woods agreed.

A Public Hearing by the City Council concerning the approval of the final plat for Phase 2 of Woods Estates is currently scheduled to take place during the Council’s next regular meeting, on April 14. That meeting will be conducted virtually. Information on how interested parties can attend and participate will be posted at City Hall, shared via the City’s online newsletter, posted on this website, and shared on the City’s social media page(s).