Riverdale’s Planning & Zoning Commission met on Thursday, May 24th and was joined by 8 residents, and Council members Littrel and Heddlesten. According to Zoning Administrator, Tim Long, the meeting included “a reasoned Q & A with the public, the Commission, our engineer and J & M’s new engineer.”

The developer, Woods Construction, will work to address issues with the proposed detention area – looking to greatly diminish the large one originally proposed by means of distributed detention throughout the project.  As a result, the proposed subdivision will lose building lots in the process. The exact number of lots and the re-configuration of the neighborhood is not known at this time.

The preliminary plat, once re-drawn, will come back to the Planning & Zoning Commission for another review.  The developer is in process to define and obtain needed real estate from Arconic to build out an Iowa DOT-approved intersection.