Check out these recent photos showing progress on Phase I of the Woods Estates of Riverdale project by Woods Construction/Development. Madison Drive is now connected to State Street, work on completing the drainage system connecting the detention basins to the storm water system is underway and grading work is continuing on the lots that will be sold in Phase I – approximately 13 homes in the new development that should see some dirt work and construction yet this year (depending on weather).


  1. George Seaberg

    I was not able to be at the last Council meeting. When can we expect to have temporary dams installed for the college and PV high school rain water runoff into the Fieldcrest creek?

    • Editor

      Hi George,

      We are expecting to receive recommendations from MSA at an upcoming City Council meeting (most likely the one on October 8th). Once those recommendations are received (which will include plans for the spring to address the situation more robustly), we’ll get to work.

      Hope to see you Tuesday,

      Mike Bawden