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Do you want to see improvements to Riverdale’s parks and trails? Do you have some great thoughts and ideas?

You are in luck because the City is at the very beginning stage of developing a Parks and Trail System Needs Assessment for Riverdale and we need your help!  We are looking for your input to help create a great guidebook for improving our community’s parks and trails.

This spring, the City will be releasing a Park System Survey and holding a Community Workshop focused on recreation and we need your input for both activities!

The creation of our Parks and Trail System Needs Assessment will be guided by a Steering Committee. If you’re passionate about improving Riverdale’s parks and trails, we need you to join the committee. 

The time commitment is not huge and you will not be required to write the plan.  The City has teamed with MSA Professional Services to assist in the creation of the plan; we just need a committee to help guide the plan’s development.  We anticipate the committee will meet 3 times for about an hour each over the next several months and much of the document review can be done at your convenience.  

Serving on this committee will an efficient use of your time to help improve your community! Please contact Council Member Anthony Heddlesten at if you are passionate about Riverdale’s park and would like to serve on the committee.

Please look for more information on the survey and workshop in the coming months!