The first, quarterly public information meeting with a representative from MSA Professional Services (the City’s engineering consultant) was held on Wednesday, February 19 at 4pm. The meeting attendance was sparse, but the conversation was far-reaching and insightful as Chris Cooper (MSA) provided an update on current projects in-work and the Mayor Mike Bawden outlined some of the projects currently being discussed by the Council.

Here is a review of what was discussed:

Fieldcrest Drainage Way
There are two parts to this project. The first part, intended to address the erosion problems in the drainage way off of Fieldrest Road, is being re-engineered to move the drainage way. The project appears to fit within the City’s $20,000 budget. Chris seemed to think this project could be completed this summer. Chris will discuss this project in more detail at the Council Meeting on Tuesday.

Steve Townsend also provided an article on the use of wood chips to reduce nitrates in stormwater runoff. There may be a way to work that into future stormwater management projects.

The second part of the project requires MSA to model the watershed and will take some more time. Chris reviewed the location of the retention basin between the SCC drive and homes that back up to it on Manor Drive. We discussed the need to change the way stormwater was managed coming out of that basin. It appears it may help to more fully understand the long-term plan for SCC’s stormwater management (part of their master planning process) to see if excess stormwater might be diverted into an alternate creek.

Havens Acres Roadway Reconstruction
Chris advised that MSA had provided paperwork to the City for me to sign which will finalize the agreement with Brandt Construction. Work is scheduled to begin in June.

Sewer Rehabilitation, Phase I
Chris advised that Visu-Sewer has been asked to come up with options for the most expensive part of the contract. Follow ups are scheduled.

Sewer Rehabilitation, Phase II
Chris has asked contractors to submit pricing to televise and test (where needed) the large, non-roadway tracts of sanitary sewer lines. Not much smoke testing since there are very few lateral lines. Prices will reflect the fact there are no roads available for transportation of equipment (contractor will need to use an ATV).

The testing should be completed in 2020 so we can solicit bids for repairs next winter.

Sewer Rehabilitation, Phase III
A third (and hopefully final) phase of this project is planned to start in 2021. Sanitary sewer lines in parts of the Fenno neighborhood and near Schebler will need to be televised. Chris will review documentation at MSA to determine whether any testing of lines under Manor Drive, Circle Drive, Windsor and Elmhurst need to be done.

The big issue for Phase III will be the work required to televise/inspect the line running under Hwy 67/State Street. We do not have a handle on what that might cost (let alone possible repair costs). We are saving this work for last because it is expected to be the most complex and possibly the most expensive. It will almost certainly be the most disruptive because both inspecting and repairing the line will require modifications to traffic flows/handling.

Havens Acres/MRT Fence
Reviewed the proposed fenceline in more detail and the memo provided to the City Council at the last meeting. Chris said MSA should be able to proceed with getting costs once directed by the City Council to do so. He also suggested the City contact Arconic to let them know about our intention of erecting the fence to make sure they didn’t have any concerns. The Mayor advised Chris that we’ve asked the City of Bettendorf to install a bollard at the end of the bridge spanning Duck Creek (on their side) and they seemed amenable to that and that we would need to do the same at the corner of the Sivyer property (at the end of our fence).

Upcoming/Proposed Capital Improvement Projects
The Mayor reviewed the draft list of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) as it exists to-date to see if either Chris or Steve had any thoughts, questions or concerns.

The list of projects includes:

Spring/Summer 2020:

  • IT Upgrade
  • Havens Acres/MRT Boundary Fence
  • Havens Acres Street Repair
  • Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation, Phase I
  • Fieldcrest Drainage Way Restoration, Phase I
  • Fall/Winter 2020:
    • Fire Department Apron Repair
    • Fire Department Exhaust System Upgrade
    • Maintenance Building Engineering

Spring/Summer 2021:

  • City Entrance Signage
  • New Flagpoles at City Hall
  • MRT Signage
  • Bike-Friendly Lot on Bellingham
  • Manor/Circle Drive Drainage Engineering
  • Volunteer Square Park WiFi Hot Spot
  • Fenno Lane Widening Engineering
  • Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation, Phase II

Fall/Winter 2021:

  • Bellingham Roadway Improvement/Reconstruction Engineering
  • Fieldcrest Drainage Way Restoration, Phase II Engineering

Spring/Summer 2022:

  • Manor Drive Drainage Project
  • New Fire Department Equipment
  • Fenno Lane Widening
  • Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation, Phase III
  • Bellingham Roadway Improvement/Reconstruction
  • Fieldcrest Drainage Way Restoration, Phase II
  • City Hall Upgrade Work:
    • Roof Repair (if needed)
    • HVAC Overhaul (if needed)
    • Electrical Overhaul (if needed)
    • Parking Lot Repairs
    • Window Repairs (if needed)
    • Re-insulation (if needed)