(Updated 09-22-19) A town hall meeting for the residents of Riverdale was held in the Council Chambers at City Hall on Sunday, September 22 at 2pm.

  1. Welcome and Introductions:
    • Mayor Mike Bawden welcomed residents in attendance and special guests Lisa Corsiglia from the US Census Bureau and Scharlott Blevins, Riverdale’s Assistant City Clerk.
    • The meeting was called to order at 2:02 pm and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited after introductions.
  2. General Discussion:
    • Fiber Optic Service Delay (now scheduled for mid to late-February 2020)
      Mayor Bawden laid out MetroNET’s latest installation schedule for fiber optic throughout the City of Riverdale. Also discussed the essential differences between Internet service provided through cable (Mediacom) and optical fiber. 

      The City is getting wired for optical fiber at no cost to its residents. Other providers (most notably Geneseo Telecom) required a payment from the City (or its residents) in order to have the fiber run to every home and business in Riverdale.

    • Woods Estate Update
      Mayor Bawden reviewed progress to-date for Woods Estates. Questions about grading issues and whether or not grass/ground cover has been planted throughout the project were addressed.

      Lots are currently shown as being for sale, although it was noted that the plat for the project (in general) and Phase I (specifically) still need to be reviewed by the City’s Planning & Zoning Committee and approved by the City Council before construction can begin. Questions about what part of the entire development is included in the first phase – the only map available in the meeting room was old, but the Mayor was able to give a general description of the land area included in “Phase 1” of the Woods Estates project.

    • Fall Fest
      Fall Fest will take place at Bicentennial Park on October 5th from 2-4pm. There was some question whether or not the time for the event was listed on promotional material. A quick check of the event page on City’s website shows that the times were, in fact, listed.
    • Website Enhancements
      The City’s website has continued to evolve and now has current information  on key issues and initiatives as well as information presented at recent City Council meetings.

      Have a suggestion for improving the website or our weekly newsletter? Let us know.

    • Wellspire, LLC Conduit Bond Hearing (slated for 09-24-19)
      The Mayor reviewed the plans for the City to hold a public hearing and, in all likelihood, pass a resolution to issue a “conduit” bond worth $10,000,000 on behalf of Wellspire, LLC at its upcoming meetings on October 8th (delayed from the original, 09/24 meeting date).

    • Parks Planning
      Mayor Bawden explained that he will be working with City Council Members Kelly Krell and Anthony Heddelsten to solicit citizen input and get the City’s parks plan developed and implemented. Concerns were raised about the amount of dead trees still standing at park edges and in the City’s wild places as well as having some kind of landscaping and maintenance plan in place and implemented for Volunteer Park now that some much-needed clean-up work was finished in the plan.

      One resident offered to do a park walk-through with interested members of the City Council to identify critical areas that should be addressed by the parks plan.

  3. Open Discussion
    • Lisa Corsiglia from the US Census Bureau provided a timeline for the national census scheduled to take place in 2020. The official census day is April 1, but work has already begun to identify occupied homes to be included in the survey. Work will continue through mid-July in an attempt to get everyone living in a community to be identified in the census.

      The upcoming census will be the first one allowing people to complete the census online or by phone (in addition to the written form which will be mailed to every residence in the country).

      Look for more information about the national census on the Riverdale website in the coming weeks.

    • Need to clean the gutters at City Hall to prevent additional damage to the roof this winter.
    • The Mayor answered more questions about the MRT bike path and concerns of Haven’s Acres residents with bike traffic. The Mayor walked through the current plan in place for dealing with these concerns over the next few years.
    • Questions were raised with regard to how the City was going to make sure new homes in the Woods Estates development would be built within the City’s guidelines for property setbacks, storm water management, good quality topsoil, building inspections, etc.
    • The Mayor discussed the need to make sure the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals are fully staffed and functioning for the next few years to accommodate the expected increase in requests from people building homes in the Woods Estates development.
    • The Mayor reminded those present that the next City Council meeting will be Tuesday at 7pm.
    • Shar Blevens asked for residents to take a look at the photo albums she’s assembled that document the history of the City of Riverdale. She needs help identifying residents and providing information about the events caught on camera.
  4. Adjourn
    The town hall meeting was adjourned at 4:15 pm.

The next town hall meeting for the residents of Riverdale will be held on Sunday, October 20th at 2pm.


  1. Adam

    Are there going to be meeting notes published?

    • Editor

      Probably – we’re going through notes taken from previous meetings and will be posting those, as well. We will try to publish notes from every meeting in the future, but since meetings like community advisory board meetings, town halls and other informational/community feedback meetings aren’t “official” business meetings, the City isn’t required to pay someone to take minutes to be published and logged in our archive.

      That doesn’t mean we won’t try, though. If it’s possible to get fairly accurate notes published to the website and stored in our city files, that’s what we’ll do.

      Thanks for asking.

      – Mike Bawden

  2. Lois

    Just want you to know I appreciate all the communication from Riverdale.


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