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(UPDATED 08-26-2020) Mayor Mike Bawden has issued an executive order changing the ground rules for public meetings to be held at City Hall for the foreseeable future.

Effective immediately, all public meetings of the City are to be held in a hybrid fashion (online and in-person) and all deliberative members of the body are asked to attend online so their comments and votes on matters can be properly recorded.

According to the executive order:

1) Public meetings should be held, whenever possible, in a hybrid fashion with the chair of the meeting present in the Community Room at City Hall along with up to fourteen other participants (residents, guests, consultants, etc.).

2) Deliberative participants (members of the City Council or commission members required to attend) and the remainder of the public body interested in attending the meeting, must do so online through the Virtual Community Room feature found on the City’s website.

3) In-person attendance at meetings cannot exceed fifteen people. If more than fifteen people come to the meeting, those who arrive after the fifteenth person will be asked to leave the building and attend online.

4) All meetings should be recorded so accurate meeting minutes can be constructed for the public record.

5) All in-person, meeting attendees are required to wear a face mask. It is not the City’s responsibility to provide face masks. If a person does not have a face mask or refuses to wear one, they are required to leave the building.

6) The order will remain in effect until the number of new COVID-19 cases in Scott County has returned to its pre-summer spike level (a total of 50 or fewer cases over a two-week period). The infection rate in the county will be checked monthly.

A copy of this order is available from the Deputy Clerk during regular office hours at City Hall (8am – 5pm, Monday thru Friday) and is also posted on the public notice bulletin boards at either entrance to City Hall. Changes to or the termination of this executive order will be posted to City Hall and the website when it occurs.