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In a letter sent out via email to all residents, Mayor Mike Bawden implemented a ban on outdoor burning of materials until August 28, 2020.

In that letter, Mayor Bawden implemented a burn ban in the City of Riverdale until power can be restored to the City and most of the clean-up work has been completed. The City will be picking up debris from Monday’s storm this weekend and possibly next. Additionally, the City has placed dumpsters in three locations for residents to use to dispose of tree limbs, leaves and other organic matter as a result of the storm.

Burn Ban Specifics

The Mayor explained that the ban has been enacted at the request of several citizens:

At the request of several citizens, I am ordering a ban on burning leaves, wood and other materials outside until all the power is restored to the City and most of the clean-up work is done. We have several residents who are senior citizens and others with breathing conditions who have to leave their windows open in order to get air circulating in their house. Smoke from a fire in the
neighborhood makes it nearly impossible for them to breath comfortably.

This burn ban effectively suspends the open burning of “Disaster Rubbish” which is allowed under Chapter 105.5 (1) and the burning of “Landscape Waste” which is allowed under Chapter 105.5 (3) of the City’s code of ordinances.

Please be respectful of your neighbors and hold off burning until the burn ban is lifted at the end of the month.

Also, please note that the City’s ordinances about burning remain in effect at this time. That means the following acts are prohibited even after the burn ban is lifted:
• No burning in city streets, curbs or gutters or in alleys (Ch. 135.08)
• No burning of combustible materials except through a chimney or stack (Ch. 105.05)
• No burning of waste gases.
• Burn barrels are prohibited
• The burning of garbage is prohibited (Ch. 105.12)

If you have a question or see someone burning anything in their yard or driveway between now and August 28, please notify City Hall (563-355 2511).