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As part of the review process for the final plat of Phase I or Woods Estates of Riverdale, the City’s Planning & Zoning Commission asked developer Seth Woods to provide a rough timeline for the completion of the 116-home subdivision. That plan showed a new phase of the subdivision being completed each year, running through 2025.

After the first phase final plat was completed, the City began working with Woods Construction & Development to update the existing Development Agreement between the two to reflect the completion schedule as it relates to the turnover of “public improvements” to the City. The original agreement required Mr. Woods to complete all fo the sewers, utilities and roads and turn over everything to the City for maintenance by the end of this current year.

“Obviously, that wasn’t very practical,” said Mayor Mike Bawden. “I don’t think the developer (Woods) would want to invest millions of dollars in infrastructure to meet the deadline and then let the roads sit empty for years while other phases of the subdivision were under construction.”

“In addition to that, I don’t think it would be in the City’s interest to encourage all of the related construction activity, like grading, that would destroy ground cover and open us up to unnecessary erosion problems while the land sat waiting for subdivision, sale and building.”

As a result, Interim City Administrator, Lisa Kotter worked with Woods’ attorney to create an addendum to the Development agreement that phased the turnover of public improvements to coincide with the expected development of the subdivision on a phase-by-phase basis.

The resolution (Resolution 2020-19) was passed by the City Council on an unanimous voice vote.