Lisa Kotter, the consultant retained to assist the City of Riverdale with developing its FY21 budget, has now had her role and relationship with the City expanded to include picking up on the duties of City Administrator following the resignation of former City Administrator, Tim Long. Ms. Kotter has over 25 years’ experience in municipal management/administration – all with communities significantly larger than Riverdale.

Former administrator, Tim Long, has offered to spend some time with Lisa over the next few weeks to make sure she’s fully up to speed on the variety of issues he was dealing with when he turned in his resignation and to ensure a smooth transition. The hourly rates for both Ms. Kotter and Mr. Long are the same, so the long-term budget impact of the transition and engagement are expected to be minimal based on the current personnel configuration at City Hall.

“We have a lot of things to do at City Hall,” said Mayor Mike Bawden. “I’m looking forward to working with Lisa on these issues and making sure all of us – from elected officials to local residents – get the full benefit of her experience, enthusiasm and energy.”

No plans for a search for a long-term replacement in the City Administrator’s position have been announced as of yet.

“Whether this becomes a more permanent relationship depends on both parties,” said the mayor. “Right now, we’re focused on a few short-term issues that demand our attention – specifically the development of a budget for FY21 and the final review and decisions regarding the Phase 1 plat for Woods Estates of Riverdale. We’ll see where things stand after that and make some decisions then.”