The Invasive Plant Task Force will hold its next meeting at City Hall on Monday, October 24, 2018 at 5pm. An agenda can be viewed by clicking here.

The meeting will include a presentation and Q&A session with an invasive plants expert from the US Fish & Wildlife Service to talk about the challenges facing the City. This discussion will include the expert’s own evaluation of Riverdale’s wild landscape and recommendations for possible action by the City, local businesses and its residents.

The meeting will also include a field trip into the community to gauge the scope of the issue first-hand.


  1. Linda Mack

    How can I help get rid of invasive plants in Riverdale

    • Editor

      Hi Linda,

      I’d strongly suggest coming to the next meeting of the Invasive Plant Task Force on Monday, October 24 at 5pm. The meeting will be at City Hall and you’ll have a chance to talk about this issue with experts and neighbors.

      It’s all part of how we’re trying to collect feedback from residents as the City Council works out a larger, community-wide strategy for the coming years (and this is a multiple-year problem that will require a long-term commitment from the City and its residents to overcome).

      Thanks for asking.