MSA Professional Services reports the survey crews are expected to finish mapping and staking the border between the MRT and Havens Acres residents before the next City Council meeting.

Once the boundary has been fixed, the City will meet with residents to discuss options in order to produce an accurate scope of work for fencing contractors to review and bid on. Once bids are opened, the City and residents will meet again to discuss how the project will be financed.

Project Details:

Scope of Work:

A fencing contractor will be required to construct a fence between the Mississippi River Bike Trail and homes adjacent to that trail based on design and budgetary guidelines found to be mutually agreeable to both the city and residents of Havens Acres. The fence is intended to prevent automotive traffic from driving between the MRT and the neighborhood (across lawns, etc.).


Estimated Budget = $50,000

Project Bid Date:


Project Start Date:


Project Completion Date:





Percent Complete