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MSA Professional Services, the City’s engineering consultancy, advised that they have communicated with Councilperson Heddelsten. At this time, it appears that they are approaching a design resolution.

MSA Professional Services, the City’s engineering consultancy, advised that they are working with the Mayor and Council Member Anthony Heddlesten on a fencing plan.

In related action, the City Council passed Resolution 2020-20, which directed City Staff (MSA in this case) to finalize the specifications for the fence and contact contractors to solicit estimates. A formal bidding process is not expected to be required because the over-all cost of the project appears to be less than $43,000.


Mayor Mike Bawden provided an in-depth review of where things currently stand with this project so the City Council could discuss preferred next steps. Click here for a copy of that memo.

An aerial view of the MRT/Havens Acres area shows the location of the path and where the MRT right-of-way runs adjacent to homeowner and commercial property in the neighborhood. While some residents have already erected fences along their back yards, there are open spots that will require fencing. Both residential and commercial side yards to the east of Kensington will require fencing – with the possible exception of a stretch where there are a significant number of downed trees and scrub brush among standing, taller trees.


Anthony Heddelsten, City Council

MSA Professional Services attended a community meeting held earlier in the month and reported to the City Council that it will be working with Concil Member Anthony Heddlesten on a fencing plan. The plan will require the approval fo the City Council before MSA will be able to proceed with obtaining prices for an install.

MSA Professional Services, the City’s engineer, reported that they attended a community meeting held by Council Member Kelly Krell. The purpose of the meeting was to gain citizen feedback on the proposed fence (re: height, make-up, need for gates, etc.).

MSA and the Council will work on a final plan for this project.

At a midday meeting with the Administrator and Mayor, MSA Professional Services, the City’s engineer, reported the following with regard to this project:

•    MSA has completed the requested survey, marking all the property corners with lathe.

•    As the City continues to deliberate what steps are requried, MSA will remark property corners as needed.

•    MSA will meet up to two times with resident/council committees to provide informaiton to assist in the decision-making process.

•    When the City has determined a course of action, MSA will bid the construction fo a City-selected fence type at the City-selected locations.

•    Interim City Administrator, Lisa Kotter, indicated there will be a public meeting on January 7, 2020. At this time, City residents whose property borders the MRT will have the opportunity to provide input on a fence size, type and location. MSA will not proceed with bidding the project until the City Council has voted ont he committee decision.

At a meeting held with Riverdale residents whose back yards were adjacent to the MRT, the following issues were discussed:

•    There was consensus the fence should be 5 feet high and constructed of chain link.

•    Residents may need to have gates installed into a boundary fence (or their existing backyard fence) for maintenance and safety purposes. Those gates should be locked to prevent entrance by strangers coming off the MRT.

•    There were some concerns that emergency equipment that would use the MRT for access to Havens Acres might not be able to make the turn onto Kensington if the fence extends too close to the street. Need to confirm turning radii with the fire department before a final length is determined for bidding/installation.

•    Residents present didn’t seem to have a problem with tying the city-built fence into their fences, but it’s clear the City should obtain waivers from property owners that show the owner’s full knowledge and consent for the work the City plans to do in the area.

MSA Professional Services reports they are prepared to attend meetings as requested by the City Council or Resident Committee.

MSA Professional Services reports the survey and marking of all property corners is complete. The plat for this survey has been filed with the County. A copy of that plat can be reviewed by clicking on the image to the right.

MSA Professional Services reports the survey and the markign of property corners is about 70 percent complete. Every lot corner east of 119 Wisteria, including 119 Wisteria, has the lot corners staked with lathe. Some of the lots west of 119 Wisteria may be moot relative to a fencing decision because of the elevation of the MRT relative to the lots. 

MSA urged the City Council to review the stake locations. The final staking effort should be completed by the end of the week.

MSA Professional Services reports the survey crews are expected to finish mapping and staking the border between the MRT and Havens Acres residents before the next City Council meeting.

Once the boundary has been fixed, the City will meet with residents to discuss options in order to produce an accurate scope of work for fencing contractors to review and bid on. Once bids are opened, the City and residents will meet again to discuss how the project will be financed.

Project Details:

Scope of Work:

A fencing contractor will be required to construct a fence between the Mississippi River Bike Trail and homes adjacent to that trail based on design and budgetary guidelines found to be mutually agreeable to both the city and residents of Havens Acres. The fence is intended to prevent automotive traffic from driving between the MRT and the neighborhood (across lawns, etc.).


Estimated Budget = $50,000

Project Bid Date:


Project Start Date:


Project Completion Date:





Percent Complete