Do you want to live in a vibrant community that’s family-friendly and has lower property taxes than other communities in Scott County?

That’s not the Riverdale of today. But it could be the Riverdale of tomorrow.

There’s just one missing ingredient:


Here are the hard facts we have to take into consideration when we think about the city in which we live:

  • Changes in the Iowa tax code means that the big property tax bill ALCOA used to pay has grown smaller and that means the City of Riverdale gets less from its largest corporate neighbor now than it did in the 1980’s (or 60’s).
  • Regulations on everything from environmental protection to building codes to street safety now require cities like Riverdale to re-evaluate everything we’ve done for the past fifty years and make sure we’re compliant with these new 21st-Century standards.
  • A city of only 450 residents doesn’t have the economic resources of those cities that surround us like Bettendorf (30,000 residents) or Davenport (100,000+ residents).

Resources are scarce. Whether we’re talking about money (i.e. taxes), personnel or time. So, if Riverdale is going to continue to improve, we have to take a hard look at our citizens to find ways to encourage their involvement in our day-to-day, quality of life.

You and your family members can make the difference here in Riverdale – the difference between just getting along or making Riverdale someplace special.

I can promise you one thing: I’ll continue to work with our Council members and concerned citizens to address the issues we feel are most important and to insist (yes, insist) that everyday citizens get involved and contribute a little time and experience to help our city thrive.

Not sure we’re addressing any issues that are really important (or interesting) to you? That’s easy enough to fix.

Come to our next Town Hall Meeting at City Hall and let me know what you think.

See you there.


  1. Vince and Jill Jurgena

    I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Mayor, council and city staff last night (Oct 22). I was also impressed with the brief glimpse I got of how the city operates and of its concerns. My wife and I count ourselves fortunate to be new residents of Riverdale and are looking forward to spending many years here.

    • Editor

      Welcome to Riverdale, Vince. It was great to meet you and we look forward to getting to know you and your wife.

      Thanks again for coming to our meeting last night.