At the September 11, 2018 City Council Meeting, Mayor Mike Bawden asked those present to observe a moment of silence in remembrance of those lost in terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania seventeen years earlier. He then presented the following proclamation:

Whereas          On a sunny morning in New York City seventeen years ago, the world looked on in horror as hijackers took control of two passenger jets and attacked the World Trade Center towers; and


Whereas          That same day, more hijackers took control of two other passenger jets, one striking the Pentagon in Washington, DC and another jet, presumably heading for a target in Washington, was forced to crash into a field in Pennsylvania; and


Whereas          First responders from New York, New Jersey and across the region immediately sprung into action to save lives and keep people safe, with many of these brave souls making the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty; and


Whereas          Even after the events of the day had shocked us all, we continued to watch in awe for months as these first responders and other from across the nation – police, fire, emergency medical personnel and others – continued in the service of others as their attempts to rescue victims of terrorism eventually turned to recovery; and


Whereas          The date of the attack, September 11, coincidentally shares the same numerical formula as the national standard for calling help from a community’s first responders, 9-1-1; then


Therefore        be it resolved that I, Michael Bawden, Mayor of the City of Riverdale, ask the citizens of our City to pause and reflect today on the sacrifices made then and every time a first responder answers a call for help from someone in their most urgent times of need.


Let today, and every September 11thbe known as


FIRST RESPONDER DAY in Riverdale, Iowa

Michael Bawden, Mayor
City of Riverdale

A signed copy of the proclamation can be viewed by clicking here.