Mayor Mike Bawden announced that the final public intake session on the FY21 budget will be held Thursday afternoon (March 19) at City Hall. The meeting will start at 4:30 and is scheduled to end by 6pm.

The public intake session will include going through the budget memo prepared by the Mayor and shared with members of the City Council last week. Citizens will be invited to ask questions and suggest additions and/or modifications to the proposed budget during the meeting.

A final, edited version of the budget dialogue and budget document will be reviewed with residents at the Mayor’s Town Hall meeting on Sunday March 22 (at 2pm) and then again at the Budget Public Hearing scheduled for 7pm on Tuesday, March 24. The public hearing will be part of the City Council’s regular meeting.

Following the public hearing, the Council will consider adopting the FY 21 budget – taking the comments from the public hearing into consideration. At last year’s meeting of the City Council, the Council agreed to further reduce the tax levy for the coming year based on feedback from citizens at the preceding public hearing.

The current budget calls for a $.33/thousand increase in the general levy and the use of approximately $160,000 in additional funds from the City’s General Fund Reserve for the coming year.

The draft copy of the Budget Memo (including the budget) can be found here.