In response to citizen complaints, the City Council recently discussed the viability of putting a 4-way stop sign at the intersection of Valley Drive and Fenno Road. More precisely, there were concerns raised about the ability of traffic traveling down Fenno Drive to stop before entering the intersection when road conditions were snow-packed and icy.

There were some questions raised as to the number of incidents at that intersection that could be avoided by putting up the sign. Members of the Riverdale Fire Department who were present at the meeting claimed no memory of responding to any car accidents at that intersection.

Is it possible those accidents occurred but were not reported?

Complicating matters is the fact that part of any traffic solution for the intersection will involve collaborating with Bettendorf.

It’s important the City have a clear understanding of the public safety issues involved, the traffic affected and the various options available for making the situation safer throughout the year (not just in the winter months).

But the process for improving that intersection and making Riverdale a safer place can all start here.

If you have an incident you can share that involves that intersection, please tell us about it. All of the stories collected – as well as additional research City staff is conducting independently – will be compiled and reviewed with the Council to determine a course of action.

Please provide your comments by September 1, 2018.

UPDATE: 08/03/2018

We have started a discussion board on this topic. Please let us know what you think.