Each community in the Quad Cities received its own “That’s Where” icon to use as part of the regional marketing effort.

The Quad Cities launched it’s “That’s Where” campaign on October 21, 2021 – and with it, the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce called on local businesses and communities to work together to share the good news about the region’s quality of life, resources and opportunities. 

According to the Chamber’s website:

Where exactly is the QC?

It’s long been a thorny question. But this campaign finally answers that question and uses the opportunity to entice newcomers with facts about our family of communities. It’s meant to inspire a mindset and way of talking that creates an emotional connection with the audience. This brand’s essence is designed to spark curiosity and pride in the accomplishments of the QC.

The launch of “QC, That’s Where!” – a bold new brand and marketing campaign – will generate awareness by cutting through the clutter and grabbing the attention of potential visitors, investors, new talent and residents – all while putting the region firmly on the map.

And now Riverdale will step up and do its part to help put the Quad Cities on the map. On Tuesday, February 1, 2022, Mayor Anthony Heddlesten officially named February as #RiverdaleThatsWhere month with an official, mayoral proclamation.

#RiverdaleThatsWhere Month Proclamation for February 1, 2022


The Proclamation

Whereas, the greater Quad City community is currently engaged in a marketing campaign with the hashtag “#QCThatsWhere”.​

Whereas, Riverdale is a vibrant and important element in the Quad City region, being home to the nation’s largest aluminum rolling mill, the high school and district offices of one of Iowa’s top school districts, historic landmarks, excellent parks, beautiful homes, and a regional community college.

Whereas, we want to celebrate Riverdale in a manner supportive of the greater Quad Cities

Whereas, Riverdale will celebrate its 69th anniversary as an Iowa City in February 2022

Therefore, be it resolved, that I, Anthony Heddlesten, Mayor of the City of Riverdale, Iowa, do hereby proclaim February, 2022

#RiverdaleThatsWhere Month

and encourage all residents, staff, and visitors to our community to celebrate their favorite and most unique parts of our community by sharing them via social media with the hashtags #RiverdaleThatsWhere for our community and #QCThatsWhere for our greater region.