Conceptual illustration of the emergency access route using an open cell articulating block with gravel path

An information session to discuss available options for constructing an emergency access way between the Woods Estates and Pleasant Hills (Manor/Circle Drive) neighborhoods will be held on Tuesday, April 5th at 7pm in the Community Room. As the Woods Estates development continues to grow, an alternative means of entering the neighborhood in the event of a weather emergency or some other disaster is required to provide adequate fire protection and ambulatory access.

All neighborhoods in Riverdale are currently limited to only a single entrance/exit onto a major road which poses a possible safety risk in the event of a fire, downed trees from heavy winds, or some other event.

The purpose of Tuesday’s meeting is to present information, answer questions, and collect feedback on the draft emergency access route through Bicentennial Park. The Mayor, Council members, City Administrator, staff, and engineering consultant, Chris Cooper, MSA Professional Services, Inc., will be in attendance to identify issues and discuss options regarding the emergency access route.

In addition to stakeholder input, the city seeks a better understanding of the desires of residents who will be directly affected by the emergency access route.

Conceptual illustration of the emergency access route as a gravel roadway

During the session, participants can review and comment on the findings and recommendations of the engineering consultant.

What’s on the agenda?

April 5, 2022 Information Meeting Packet
Sign In Sheet #1   |   Sign In Sheet #2

A digital copy of the meeting’s informational packet can be downloaded by clicking the link above. The sign-in sheets to be used at the meeting can also be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link(s).

All Riverdale residents are encouraged to come to the meeting on Tuesday to learn more!