Work is expected to begin soon on changing the path of the stream bed off of Fieldcrest Road in order to arrest the continued scoring and erosion under the City’s sanitary sewer line running between Deerbrook and the Woods Estates of Riverdale developments. The erosion problem has been a lingering one and was significantly impacted last year by the record rains and resulting ground saturation.

McClintock Trucking & Excavating has been hired by the City to change the course of the stream’s bed and re-build the eroded bank to preserve the sanitary sewer line. They will also be adding about 30 yards of stone (“rip rap”) to help diffuse water flowing through the stormwater outlet at the end of Fieldcrest Road.

“This is the first phase of a much larger project,” explained Mayor Mike Bawden. “We’ve been working with the City’s engineering consultancy, MSA Professional Services, to assess the problem and develop a long-term solution that will allow us to handle the excessive stormwater generated off of the Scott Community College parking lots and homes on Manor and Circle Drives. Right now, that water is collected under Fieldcrest Road and flows down the drainage way.”

The drainage way, he explained, was never intended to be a constantly-flowing creek and in seasons where we see enormous amounts of rainfall, significant erosion can result.

“The immediate concern addressed with the current project, is to shore up the bank underneath the City’s sanitary sewer line – which would cost significantly more to repair or replace should the bank completely wash out from underneath it,” Mayor Bawden explained. “In the longer term, we want to find a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing – preserving as much natural beauty as we can – and effective at handling large amounts of water we’re bound to see as severe weather events continue to be more commonplace.”

For on-going updates on this project, check out the Fieldcrest Draining Stabilization Project page on this website.