Don’t forget – the citywide clean-up starts Saturday morning at 7am. If you want to make sure your bulky waste gets picked up, have it to the curb Friday night!

You can learn more about what to do with your bulky waste on Friday by going here.

How to get rid of hazardous and electronic waste

Some items shouldn’t find their way to your bulky waste pile on Friday. Hazardous items, like household cleaners, oil-based paints, solvents and the rest should be handled by people who know how to recycle and dispose of unwanted materials like that. Fortunately, the Waste Commission of Scott County has those capabilities.

The same is true for electronic waste like TVs, stereos, computers and other devices that run on electricity. In many cases, those items can be refurbished, resold and re-used. If not the Waste Commission is able to take them a part (de-manufacture) and resell the components and metals used to make them.

If you have electronic waste or hazardous materials, you can take those items directly to the Waste Commission of Scott County’s recycling center (click here for a map) in Davenport anytime during the year.