The second public intake session for the City of Riverdale’s FY21 Budget is scheduled for 7pm on Monday, December 2nd.

The meeting will take place in Council Chambers at City Hall.

Lisa Kotter, a consultant retained by the City to assist with the review and formulation of the coming fiscal year’s budget will be in attendance to speak with citizens and take notes. Ms. Kotter is the former city administrator for the City of Moline and has an advanced degree in public administration.

Following the public intake session, a series of budget work sessions will be scheduled and announced. Council Member Cheryl Channon will chair the meetings held in 2019 but her term expires at the end of the year, so she will be stepping down from that position on December 31. The Council Member selected to chair the budget meetings in 2020 has yet to be named.

If you’re interested in participating in the budget work sessions, please let us know.