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Last year, the Riverdale City Council passed some revisions to the City Code about the use of fireworks. While fireworks are not prohibited for celebrations like the 4th of July, there are some rules you need to know.

Please keep in mind that people are restricted from having “Display Fireworks” which includes fireworks “containing any explosive or flammable compound” which are not considered to be “Consumer” or “Novelty” fireworks (e.g. firecrackers, roman candles, bottle rockets, sparklers, spinners, etc.). In short, to commercial-grade fireworks.

It is against the law for people under the age of eighteen to discharge a firework without parental supervision. And you can only discharge a firework at your own premises or at another premises where you’ve been given permission. Finally, it’s important to understand that if you discharge a firework, you assume all responsibility for what happens when it goes off.

With specific regard to this weekend’s activities, fireworks can only be discharged during July 3rd and July 4pm between the hours of 2pm and 11pm.

Please be safe, have fun and post photos and videos of your fireworks display to the Riverdale Residents page on Facebook.