Excuse me while I take a breather for a minute …

We’re not even 90 days into 2020 and I think we’ve set a record for “bad news” in Riverdale.

The thing that people love most about living in Riverdale always seemed (to me, at least) to be that other than an awesome fireworks show, the occasional Eagle Scout project and astoundingly good hose-fighting team of firemen, not much happened here.

And people liked it that way.

Sure, we had our occasional kerfuffle or two. And we had a newspaper editor claim that we’d TIF a stop sign if we could get away with it (we can’t and we didn’t … although the editor actually apologized for that statement when we met with him and his boss). But, for the most part, Riverdale lived up to its reputation for living under the radar by making sure not much happened here.

If ALCOA (and now Arconic) was a “quiet neighbor” … we were a “quiet city.”

Then “Hello, 2020!”

We’ve had to deal with the tragedy of violent gun violence, the loss of a young firefighter taken before her time, the confusion of gaining and then losing a city administrator, the back-and-forth of an on-again/off-again/now on-again threat of flooding, the palpable fear (and consequences) of an international pandemic, and now (as of Friday), a flash flood that put water into people’s basements and mud into our streets and intersections.

Was it something I said?

All kidding aside, I do want to say a few things to make sure you know the City Council, our staff and volunteers and I are all in this with you.

Riverdale faces a unique situation. In our 60-year history, we have never tried to do so much in such a short amount of time. And now, with all of these “disasters” thrown at us in one way, shape or form, we’re more determined than ever to make progress and share that progress with you. 

As many of you know, I am self-employed. Last week, my clients (many of whom are outside the QC area) told me they were having to “go dark” for a while. Maybe as much as 90 days. In the span of a week, I lost all my clients.

Figures. Doesn’t it?

Well, the silver lining to that situation is the fact that now I have some more time to work on city-related issues and projects. And with an occasional “lifeline” call to friend-of-the-city, Lisa Kotter, and the patience and persistence of volunteers and Council Member, I think we can make some big strides even while the rest of the world is operating under a self-imposed exile.

If you don’t know what we’re up to, I suggest you check out the agenda of a City Council meeting. It’s sure to be packed with Resolutions (formal actions taken by the City Council) but, more importantly, you’ll see more than a page of “discussion items.” These are the things we’re working on. The things the Council is considering. And nearly every item has some memo or other piece of correspondence that provides more detail.

You’ll find all of those memos and back-up information in the City Council Packets linked to the page for each, corresponding Council Meeting. You’ll probably find even more information about those projects (as they develop and mature) on this website.

Take your time. Check out the over 260 pages of updates, articles and galleries celebrating life in Riverdale over the last three years. 

It’s not a disaster. It’s our destiny in the making.

Take care. Stay healthy. And live strong. We’ll get through all of this together.


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  1. Doug Littrel

    Were in rough ride but we will get though it together.