Council Member Paul DCamp reported that he has begun the process of assembling a team to review the City’s emergency services needs and capabilities. As the member of the City Council tasked with moving forward on fire and public safety matters, Councilman DCamp has reached out to the Scott Emergency Management Agency (SCEMA) as part of his initial research on developing a needs assessment and – eventually – a plan for dealing with natural disasters, industrial accidents and other emergency situations that may occur within the city limits.

According to the advice provided by Mr. David Donovan, the Emergency Management Coordinator for Scott County, the first step in developing a community-wide plan would be to pull together a small, core planning team and meet to discuss a process and timeline for research and plan development. Mr. Donovan offered to meet with Riverdale’s core planning team once one was assembled.

Mr. Donovan’s suggestion was:

“In addition to the mayor/council, I would suggest a city hall staff [member], someone from fire (Brian Ballard might be good or whomever Floyd would suggest), and public works. This group would lead the effort. Others to consider pulling in would include Sheriff’s Office, local business (Arconic, MidAmerican, Schebler, etc.), one or two residents, Scott Community College and PV Schools. Those folks could be a larger steering committee that would provide input as the plan progresses.”

Councilman DCamp proposed moving ahead with the creation of a small core planning team. Formal action (if needed) will be taken at the next City Council meeting.

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