Crime Prevention Task Force

Public safety has been – and always will be – a top priority of the City and its elected officials. Recent events (in August of 2018) raised concerns about the safety and security we all take for granted in Riverdale.

Questions were asked: “Are we doing everything we can to reduce or discourage criminal behavior in our city?”

It was a fair question and in late August, 2018, Mayor Mike Bawden asked Council Member Paul DCamp to chair a series of public meetings to discuss the question in more depth, identify key issues and opportunities, conduct what research was necessary and then present a series of recommendations to the Riverdale City Council on actions the City could take to help prevent crime.


Records and Background Information
Date Agenda Minutes
August 31, 2018 Meeting Agenda


Project Updates

Sheriff Tim Lane addresses City’s crime concerns

Scott County Sheriff Tim Lane attended last Tuesday’s City Council Meeting and provided an overview of the issues surrounding the recent car break-ins and theft in Riverdale which occurred earlier in the month.

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