The City was contacted by River Valley Wildlife on January 23rd and were informed snare traps were being set for coyotes in a couple locations on the City’s property located NW of the Woods estates property.

The traps will be set on the 23rd and 24th.

The traps will be on City property, out of view, just off Circle Dr / Fieldcrest, and also further to the west, adjacent to the Woods property. River Valley will provide more specific geo-locations on a Google Earth aerial map, which will be published on the City’s website and included in our next newsletter.

On River Valley Wildlife’s recommendation, approval was given to switch to a snare trap instead of setting the leg traps discussed earlier. A snare trap is a cable loop about 5” in diameter, set at coyote head height above the path. Leg traps will not work in the deep snow that fell this weekend. If the coyote were to trigger a leg trap, and it failed to capture the animal, they will be less likely to be captured with a second effort. Hence, the shift to snare traps.

The snare is set with sufficient tension to capture the animal and hold it until it can be dispatched in the early morning hours, much the same as for a leg trap. Pets and other non-predatory wild animals will be released. Coyotes will be euthenized.

Jason noted that their trail cameras have captured what they think is the Alpha coyote on video, along with other lower-ranked coyotes, and they have some expectation of snaring it, too. They’ve also see multiple deer, turkeys, and some very healthy raccoons on camera.

We’ve requested they share some of the images of our wildlife. When we receive them, we will post them to the website and the City’s Facebook page.