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The City Council will consider a proposal for accounting services from Bohnsack and Frommert, an accounting firm based in Moline, IL, that specializes in municipalities and has worked for Iowa communities including Clinton, Dubuque, and Muscatine. The proposal was solicited by Interim City Administrator Lisa Kotter and underwent a preliminary review by both Administrator Kotter and Mayor Mike Bawden.

The decision to identify and select a professional accounting firm to handle the bookkeeping and accounting services previously provided by former City Clerk Ron Fullerlove rather than finding a staff replacement came down to the following factors:

  • The city’s need for redundancy on several aspects of the bookkeeping process in order to safeguard against possible misrepresentation/fraud and to double-check against simple math or bookkeeping mistakes
  • The city’s on-going need for timely invoicing of fees for services to residents, commercial accounts and other parties
  • The city’s need to review, update, and manage the City’s sewer fund, billing, and reconciliation of payments received against outstanding accounts receivable
  • The city’s need for more useful financial statements than what’s currently generated through the current online bookkeeping system used by the City of Riverdale.

“While Ron’s work has always been very solid, and current City Clerk, Mary Francis Blevins is keeping up on the invoice coding and entry, there is a need for someone who has an accounting background to handle this job in an on-going capacity,” explained Mayor Bawden. “Ron is getting busier and busier in his new position, so that’s not a long-term solution, and it’s not fair to Mary Fran to try and learn how to be a bookkeeper on the fly.”

The cost of the proposal from Bohnsack and Frommert is in-line with what the City was paying Mr. Fullerlove for his accounting/bookkeeping services as City Clerk.